1992 – Foundation

Coplast Italia Srl, an Italo-Romanian Joint Venture is established in Thiene( Vicenza). It has a production plant in Romania and it is specialized in the manufacture of shrink film for medical and food packaging.

1996 / 1998 - Development

Coplast Italia Srl changes its name into Securmed Srl, with a commercial office in Thiene and a production plant in Campli (Teramo). In 1997 Securmed Srl inaugurates the construction of its own production plant and starts the manufacture of urine and drainage collection bags.

1997 – Consolidation

Securmed registers the first trademark Securdrain®. Securmed certifies ISO 9002 as a quality management system and inaugurates a modern clean room. Securmed creates the Research & Development Department.

2004/2005 - Transformation

On November the 9th 2004 Securmed Srl becomes Securmed S.p.A. Securmed S.p.A. extends the certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, thus strengthening its presence in the market of medical devices. Securmed S.p.A registers the new trademarks: Securdrain Vià! ®, Urodren by Securmed, and Securflow Vià! ®, thus increasing the visibility of the products on the Italian and international market. At the end of 2005, the self-blocking Push / Pull Tap is patented at European level, for a more correct and safer use and emptying of the urine bags.

2006 - OEM Production

The development of the distribution assumed international importance, thanks mainly to OEM production carried out on behalf of leading companies if the medical field.


In 2012 Securmed S.p.A. starts the manufacture of urethral catheters and suction tubings with a new super-automated system. The capacity of the clean room is increased.


The internalization of Securmed continues and expands, entering with the distribution of its brands in the most important European hospitals.


Securmed's substantial financial and technological investments, continuous research, monitoring of evolving needs, and its continuing relationship with sector professionals, show its strong commitment to the constant improvement of the devices it manufactures and the increasing safety of their use.

Our production plant

The production area of Securmed SpA is located in Campli (Teramo) and represents an important industrial reality in the Abruzzo region. The plant, which includes production, offices and warehouses, covers over 3,000 square meters and is constantly evolving and transforming, to stay up to date with the continuous demands of the world of medical devices.
The technological investments made to improve the manufacturing activity have led to the automation of the various production phases, being more efficient, with an improvement in the man-machine ratio, and the quality standard of the finished product.
The company also carries out several complementary operations within the production plant, such as component assembly, packaging and sterilization, using modern and highly automated machineries.

Our quality system

All devices and accessories made by SECURMED SpA have been tested following strict internal procedures, thus offering a high safety level, in compliance with the standard UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001.
Securmed operates according to a quality system certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service, with CE marking.